Welcome to TenDayBTC. We have created a simple process for investors to make a significant return with no risk. Our easy-to-use interface makes investing quick. We have a robust back-end processor that handles deposits and payouts with no intervention from us. This lets us send and receive Bitcoins 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can invest with us knowing that your payments will be made on time to your payout BTC address. The automated email will let you know quickly when your deposit BTC makes it into our system. This gives you peace of mind because you do not have to worry about losing your Bitcoins or wondering if we actually received it.

We are a small group of Bitcoin investors. To allow for increased profits, we pooled our coins together to increase the available funding we have for investing. They say it takes money to make money, and that applies to cryptocurrency as well. By pooling our resources, we are able to achieve higher returns than we could if we invested our funds individually.

Our investments are spread across two types: Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin savings. Bitcoin mining is our largest investment, accounting for about 70% of our total funds. The remaining 30% is invested in short and medium term Bitcoin investment accounts that earn fairly substantial interest. The Bitcoin we add to our investment pool from our TenDayBTC investors will be split three ways. About 60% will go towards Bitcoin mining. The next 20% will be added to our Bitcoin investments, and the remaining 20% will be left in our BTC hot wallets so we can payout profits to our investors. The hot wallet is actually a collection of individual wallets so that we limit any risk from hackers or other problems.

Our Bitcoin mining investment is our largest profit generator. We are currently investing in IQ Mining and Miny.cc. They both have good systems in place and they provide us with a competitive return on our investments.

For Bitcoin investing, we are primarily using Crypto.com and BlockFi. They both offer high returns on crypto investments.

That gives you a good overview of who we are, what we do, and what will happen to your Bitcoins should you decide to invest with us. We are here to make money, not to run a scam and steal your Bitcoins. We know there are many online programs (HYIPs, BTC Doublers, casinos, etc) that will take your investments and run. We are not like that. We are here to make money and share it with you!

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