The steps for investing with us are simple, but they are also different than many other crypto investing websites.

We do not require that our investors register. This means you will not have a username and password. Instead, you will provide an email address and a Bitcoin or Perfect Money payout address/account.

After depositing funds, we will send you a confirmation email when we receive the funds. The email will also tell you how much BTC/USD you will receive each day for the next 10 days.

There is nothing that you need to do to receive withdrawals. We automatically send a payout to your address/account every 24 hours.

Follow These Steps to Invest
  1. Choose if you want to make a deposit using Bitcoin or Perfect Money.
    Choose Funding Type
  2. Use the profit calculator to determine how much you want to invest with us. Note that the calculator will either display BTC or USD, depending on which deposit option you chose.
    Profit Calculator
  3. If you choose to deposit using Bitcoin:

    • Enter your email address and your Bitcoin address where you want us to send payouts.
    • Click the "Invest BTC" button. Next you will be given a Bitcoin address for the deposit. This is the address where you will send your Bitcoin deposit.
    • Send the amount of Bitcoin you chose to the deposit address we give to you. You can come back and make 1 deposit or 20 deposits. It is up to you and what your investment goals are. Remember the minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC. The maximum deposit amount is 1.0 BTC.
    BTC Deposit
  4. If you choose to deposit using Perfect Money:

    • Enter your email address and your Perfect Money account ID (UXXXXXXXX) where you want us to send payouts.
    • Click the "Invest PM" button. Next you will be shown a confirmation of your deposit information.
    • If you agree with the deposit information, click the "Continue to Perfect Money" button. You will then be sent to the Perfect Money website. There you will log into your Perfect Money account and send us your deposit.
    • After you successfully make a deposit, you will be shown a confirmation page.
    PM Deposit
  5. You will receive an email after your Bitcoin deposit is confirmed, or your Perfect Money deposit is received by us.
  6. Now your deposit is completed. You will receive a payout every day for 10 days.

Have more questions or need additional information?

You can read our FAQ or send us a question through the Support page.